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Newland partners with IT giant Ingram Micro in the UK & Ireland

As of today, July 1st, 2020, Newland EMEA is joining forces with IT distribution giant Ingram Micro. Together, they will continue their venture into the AIDC market of the UK and Ireland. 

Quality is key

The partnership opens up new possibilities for both, adding a new line of well-established products to Ingram Micro’s portfolio. With Newland able to guarantee top-level design and flexibility by building their technology from the ground up, they are fast growing into a household name for industries like warehousing, retail and healthcare. Meanwhile Ingram Micro, the top global IT-distributor, has shown time and time again they are one of the world’s go-to’s for quality products and services. 

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Propelling to new heights

The two companies will collaborate to “propel the Newland brand to a whole new level in the UK market,” says Newland CEO Peter Sliedrecht. “Ingram Micro’s extensive logistics network, combined with their inventory position and the expertise of their DCPOS team will boost partners’ confidence in our ability to deliver. Neither Newland or Ingram Micro are strangers to the AIDC technology race that is bubbling. We’re looking forward to combining our forces.” 

"The new collaboration will propel the Newland brand to a whole new level in the UK market"

Tech central.

The UK and Ireland are home to some of the most innovative and fast-growing tech industries. With London dubbed the 2nd biggest tech hub in the world, this focus on the latest and the greatest echoes throughout the region. Rob Ackers, General Manager for Ingram Micro’s DC/POS business in the UK says “We’re incredibly excited by this important new addition to our portfolio. The addition of Newland brings a host of new opportunities for our partners to generate additional revenue, and importantly, margin streams for their businesses”

"At Ingram Micro UK, we are incredibly excited by this important new addition to our DC/POS portfolio"

Tailored solutions.

Newland and Ingram Micro will be in the trenches together, using the partnership to take Newland products to a wider market in the UK and Ireland thanks to the broad portfolio of additional services that Ingram Micro are able to offer, such as IMFinance, which gives resellers access to tailored financial solutions which can they can use to help their customers realise the benefits of transforming their IT infrastructures.

Should you be interested to join forces with Newland EMEA, we are always eager to collaborate in your barcode scanning venture! For more information, contact our regional sales executives below:

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