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Close contact scanning in self-service applications

As the trend to self-service continues in an upward curve, the self-checkout experience has become a hot topic in the retail customer journey. In the UK alone, research has revealed that 65% of consumers now see in-store experience as a crucial factor in their decision making (PwC, 2020).

Speed and convenience at the self-service counter goes hand in hand with continuous innovation of checkout technology. Retailers are quick to adopt the latest tech at the self-service counter, often packing expanded scanning capabilities. However, the trend of ‘bigger and better’ scanning distances falls short when understanding consumer needs in the majority of self-service applications. We’d like to bring attention to a key feature of self-service success: minimized depth of field for close contact scanning

A people’s perspective

Choosing the depth of field (DOF) optimized for an application can make all the difference in its success. When it comes to consumer habits at the self-service counter, the customer journey is defined by close contact. Traditional ticket or vending applications accustomed the customer to direct physical engagement with kiosks and cashiers. For instance, when collecting paper tickets, tapping numbers on keypads and pushing in coins. Throughout the innovation cycle of self-service, people have become used to phone or card tap-and-pay. This ask for technology that takes a people's perspective on scanning. In other words, hardware that takes the natural tendency of close contact into account. For self-service scanning, whether at the POS or integrated into a kiosk, paying extra attention to a scanners' depth of field will help in selecting people-proof devices.

Our stationary solutions

In the Newland stationary scanner range, we are proud to present people-proof solutions, such as the FM3080 Hind, the FR21 Neon and the FR27 Urchin. With minimal DOF, these selected scanners are armed to read barcodes of all shapes and sizes, no matter the proximity or angle. The FM3080 Hind offers a solid option for integration, while the FR21 Neon and FR27 Urchin are ready to plug in and present on your self-service countertop. 

In assessing your self-service needs, there's a multitude of scanning functionalities that need to be carefully weighed. We'd like to emphasise that this article primarily focuses on a single factor of self-service success, being close contact scan efficiency. For a comprehensive and balanced assessment of your personal needs, we'd invite you to contact your local Newland representative.

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