With many records in 2021, Newland EMEA looks to 2022 and beyond

2021 was a year of records and expansion for Newland EMEA, and they are looking to extend that winning streak into 2022 and beyond.

January 26, 2022 – Culemborg, the Netherlands 

Driving its 57% year-over-year growth, a record at Newland EMEA, was the release of 8+ products, including its N7 Cachalot Pro, NQuire 1500 Mobula and the introduction of Wannapay, Newland EMEA’s new venture into POS payment systems.  

In 2021, Newland EMEA also sold over 55,000 Android devices into the market and now has over 25,000 Ndevor managed devices. Ndevor, Newland EMEA’s own MDM platform, which is entirely free and included on a wide range of devices, allows for simple management of devices remotely for minor and critical occasions.

Along with Newland EMEA’s state-of-the-art product development, its’ innovative stock management throughout 2021 allowed Newland EMEA to meet market demand; ensuring that partners & customers had the products they needed when they needed them, resulting in over 444,700 Newland devices sold and delivered in 2021, another record at Newland EMEA.

Continuing the contribution to its record growth, 2021 saw Newland EMEA expand its local coverage in Eastern Europe, Germany, GCC and the UK, onboarding not only local sales teams but technical experts and field service technicians in the regions and expanding its partner network to over 500 outlets in 35+ countries.  Newland EMEA also expanded its 450 m2 service center in the Netherlands to support this unprecedented growth.

And 2022 looks to be another impressive year at Newland EMEA.

Newland EMEA will launch its new product line, Nwear, in March of 2022. Nwear is Newland EMEA’s first foray into the world of wearable devices. As efficiency and comfort take center stage in the industry, Nwear provides customers with three new devices to start that meet the demand for on-the-go scanning.

Newland EMEA will also expand its Speedata product line with three new products, taking advantage of the latest technology advancements for 5G.

And with no plans to slow down on the expansion of both its internal team and its partner network, Newland EMEA will focus on supporting its full product line of stationery & handheld scanners, wearables, mobile computers, micro kiosks and tablets, and OEM scan engines, allowing customers to come to one manufacturer for their complete needs.

Newland EMEA plans to continue challenging and pushing the boundaries of top-tier AIDC technology and deliver on its mission to make everyday tasks easier, faster, and more intuitive through its products and partnerships.