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Představení vlastního softwaru Ndevor společnosti Newland pro správu vašich zařízení Newland.

Header for Ndevor, Newland's free mobile device management software.

All your devices. One seamless experience.

Ndevor is the free management software to support your Newland device. It lets you run a wide network of mobile computers like you simply could not before. That’s because it’s designed for the hardware it runs on – and vice versa.



Enrol devices by a simple point and scan system. QR codes link units to specific groups, defined by purpose or location.


Intuitive and powerful online tool to build up profiles of applications and settings. Clone the settings to make changes or enrolment plain sailing.


Instantly get feedback on the stats of your Newland devices or monitor downtime of your devices


Ndevor works on popular Newland Android Mobile Computers and Newland Micro Kiosks.

Image shows barcode scanner Ndevor n7 cachalot pro

N7 Cachalot Pro II

view device

MT90 Orca with Ndevor

MT90 Orca II, III

view device

Mobile Computer Scanner - Barcode Scanners - MT95 Kambur Pro with Ndevor

MT95 Kambur Pro

view device

Ndevor NQuire1000 Manta - Barcode Scanner with Touch Screen and Free MDM

NQuire 1000 Manta II

view device

Mobile Computer Scanner NDevor MT37 Baiji

MT37 Baiji

view device

Mobile Computer Scanner MT90 Orca Pro with NDevor and Android Enterprise Recommended Status

MT90 Orca Pro II

view device


NFT10 Pilot Pro

view device

Ndevor_NQuire1500 Mobula - Barcode Scanner with Touch Screen and Free MDM

NQuire 1500 Mobula

view device


MT65 Beluga V

view device

MT93 Megaterra Pro - Ndevor

MT93 Megattera Standard

view device

ndevor nquire500 skate - Barcode Scanner with Touch Screen and Free MDM

NQuire 350 Skate

view device


WD1 Watch Scanner

view device

Newland MT67 Sei - Barcode Scanner - Front View Barcode Reader

MT67 Sei

view device

MT93 Megaterra Pro - Ndevor

MT93 Megattera Pro

view device

ndevor nquire750 stingray - Barcode Scanner with Touch Screen and Free MDM

NQuire 750 Stingray

view device

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Interested to join our class of Ndevor Experts. Request your online Ndevor training and learn how to maximize the potential of this free MDM tool for Newland devices to the fullest.
What makes Ndevor, Ndevor

What makes Ndevor, Ndevor?

Check out the Ndevor by Newland brochure for a closer look at news ways to improve your Enterprise Mobility Management.
Ndevor software has been designed to be user-friendly for its users in all ways. From setting up your profile to requesting remote control. Most of our clients have been particularly fascinated with the radar location ping and security features.