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OEM Scan Engines

The EM3396 scan engine with bright laser aimer presents a convincing allround solution for a wide range of barcodes. Its CMOS sensor ensures successful reads on damaged or dense barcodes, even in low light situations.

1D & 2D
Laser aimer
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Dual Interface
2 years
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Newland’s 6th Generation UIMG Technology.
The EM3396 is armed with Newland’s latest scanning technology, including our new decoder chip 0610. By leveraging our own technology, Newland has further perfected the engine’s overall value, simplicity and scan performance, supporting all common 1D, 2D and Aztec codes.

Consistent Allround Performance.
The overall scanning performance of the EM3396 is convincing from paper, plastic and smartphones alike. The engine’s CMOS sensor of 752 x 480 pixels ensures consistent decoding on 1D and 2D barcodes. As a result, you can count on speed and efficiency, even when codes are underlit or damaged.

Precision Aiming.
The EM3396’s highly visible laser aimer adds an extra level of user accuracy when hitting the codes you intend to scan. This visual guidance is specifically suited to improve scan precision in wearable solutions.

Optimized for Wearable Solutions.
The EM3396 can aim, illuminate and decode barcodes while drawing as little current from the host device as possible. Combined with its lightweight design and visible laser aimer make the EM3396 ideal for integration in wearable scanning solutions.

EasySet Configuration.
The EM3396 is compatible with our master configuration software EasySet. Built for Windows OS, this software is a useful tool to integrators for building and testing configurations, cloning and deploying configurations, and updating scanner firmware.

Technical specifications


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EM3396V2 - print version EM3396V2.pdf View Datasheet
EM3396 User Guide View User Guide
EM3396 Integration Guide View Integration Guide
EasySet View Software
JPOS View Driver
UFCOM View Driver
OPOS View Driver

Available versions

Partnumber Description
NLS-EM3396V2 2D CMOS Area Imager, Standard, CMOS 640 x 480 , All-in-one, Newland Decoderchip 0610, TTL-232/USB interface with FFC (flexible flat cable), Laser Aimer, extra MCU, small footprint