Introducing the FM431 Barracuda Pro– Newland’s newest stationary scanner!

A perfect fit for your scanning application.

January 19th, 2023 – Culemborg, the Netherlands – Newland EMEA, one of the leading companies in the AIDC industry, has launched a new stationary scanner – the FM431 Barracuda Pro. A great addition to both Newland’s fixed-mount portfolio and the FM430 Barracuda Series, the FM431 Barracuda Pro uncovers faster communication and scanning speed, improved aiming options and versatility to fit any application.

With the same form factor, the FM431 Barracuda Pro adds even more speed and accuracy to the FM430 Barracuda Series. The two m/sec motion tolerance uncovers many possibilities in applications where the scan rate is vital. The FM431 Barracuda Pro now also has advanced exposure control, which helps the device adapt to the amount of light, making it easier to scan barcodes even under direct sunlight.

Equipped with both laser and LED aiming, the FM431 Barracuda Pro offers more flexibility when it comes to detecting a successful scan. While the laser aimer works to pinpoint the exact position of the barcode and decode it, the LED aimer illuminates the barcode with green light, notifying the user about the successful scan. This makes the FM431 Barracuda Pro perfect in noisy environments where the “good read” sound alert cannot be heard.

With IP54 sealing, the FM431 Barracuda Pro is well protected against dust and moisture. It can operate in temperatures ranging from -20 to +60 degrees Celcius. Together with advanced exposure control, these make the FM431 Barracuda Pro an ideal fixed-mount scanner for most outdoor applications.

Lastly, the FM431 Barracuda Pro is very easy to fix and install. The mounting points in the base of the scanner help even inexperienced users with smooth integration and effortless connection to the host device.

Overall, high scanning speed, two aiming options, and versatile design make the FM431 Barracuda Pro a top-notch stationary scanner. It is a go-to device for various industries and applications, from automated vending machines to fast-paced factory conveyors to outdoor applications to the point of sale in the retail environment– the FM431 Barracuda Pro has it all.