HR32BT retail

Cutting the cord with Newlands HR15 BT Wahoo & HR32 BT Marlin

Cordless scanning is now perfected to support your ever increasing workload, with the release of Newlands HR15 BT Wahoo and HR32 BT Marlin. Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the HR15 BT Wahoo and HR32 BT Marlin are your new and improved handheld scanning companions. No strings attached!

Best of both worlds

Whether you are roaming around the shop floor or taking stock inventory, cordless data collection just got even simpler. For those after top-notch 1D scanning performance, the HR15 BT Wahoo combines secure wireless scanning with prolonged battery life. Replacing the successful HR1550 CE, which ran on Zigbee technology, it will remain our only Wireless 1D option. Providing more flexibility, the HR32 BT Marlin is equipped with a megapixel camera to read virtually all 1D or 2D barcodes in any condition. From long or truncated 1D codes to larger and more high-density 2D codes.  

Supports the workload

The Bluetooth 5.0 low energy helps you work for longer. With a full charge lasting up to 15 hours, you’ll no longer need to be interrupted in your scanning activities. Achieving 50m communication distances with the latest Bluetooth version, this makes for versatile use in tight workspaces and the outer corners of your stock floor. A switch to pure data collection is also easily established. In batch collection mode, the Wahoo and Marlin can store up to 15.000 barcodes. Multiple pairing of up to seven devices to a single cradle minimizes necessary hosts.

Perfected for POS

Both scanners come with a retail configurable stand to take even more work out of your hands. So they move from cradle to hand held scanning mode instantly, without the need for a new configuration. Additionally, the HR32 BT Marlin comes with various lighting colours, fit to customise to your preferred countertop style. This makes our Bluetooth 5.0 supported stars perfected for all your Point-Of-Sale scanning.

Find out more about Newland latest Bluetooth 5.0 supported wireless scanners here or get in touch with your local partner.